Conversion Rate Optimisation

What is CRO in a nutshell?

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) focuses on optimizing the conversion rate of your website or platform. This is often done by testing multiple versions of the content to see which one is better at convincing your website visitors to do business with you

Let’s take a simplified example: say you see a drop-off on your product page in Google Analytics. You head to Hotjar to watch recordings of visitors on your website. There you notice that people are having trouble finding the delivery information. So you create a variant where you place this information more prominently and run it simultaneously with the primary version. After you've collected enough data you analyse the results and determine which version brought you more conversions

Why is CRO important for your growth strategy?

Usually, you have no idea what is best for the end users, try as you might. The average number of winning tests is often cited about 20 - 30%. Thus, if you don’t test improvements first, you may accidentally be losing clients without even realizing it. CRO can not only drive more revenue without having to pay for more traffic but can also prevent you from implementing changes that can decrease your revenue.

Are you struggling with this?:

  • Prioritizing tests based on what will have the highest impact, rather than basing them on preferences 

  • Ensuring you have enough traffic to see a significant difference within the test period successfully

  • Building upon previous tests rather than running loose tests

  • You are not sure if you should be running tests instead of focusing on functional improvements on your website

That’s very common! We notice that most of our clients are struggling with this. Knowing what your challenges are, it’s easy for us to make your website sell like the Wolf of Wall Street. See our standard process below to understand how we can help you.


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Our approach

We break the CRO process down to a few key steps:

  • Set the most important goal (OMTM). This is the crucial step, and that’s why we tend to spend a few hours to establish a solid goal.
  • Verifying if CRO is the right solution to help you reach your goal.
  • Choosing the right tool. Our favourite ones: Google Optimize and Visual Website Optimiser.
  • Analyses & formulating hypotheses. We're analyzing where you are losing customers and develop hypotheses as to why that’s happening (Web Analytics and Technical Analyses).
  • Ideation. We come up with ideas for solutions based on this research. We fill your backlog with 100+ ideas.
  • Prioritizing the ideas. We like to use the  PXL Framework as it gives more priority to ideas with multiple data sources.
  • Setting up and testing the hypotheses. We get the first small test live as soon as possible to make sure we drive value as quickly as possible.
  • Analyzing the resultsWe learn not only from the winners but inconclusive tests and losers as well.


Results we are proud of

Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth

The One Metric That Matters for Foxford Woollen Mills (FWM) was a humble 50% growth in revenue year-to-year. There were lots of things we could do to gain quick wins. The hardest part was to prioritise the ideas. With just a few hours per week, you really have to plan sprints carefully. That’s why we decided to start with CRO issues. For example, we suggested changing their product photos from vague to high-quality ones that matched the brand’s value. Additionally, based on their customers’ feedback, we recommended adding clear images with dimensions of some of their products. 

Combine this CRO strategy with an improved email marketing strategy and SEA, a previously untapped channel for Foxford, and we had a recipe for growth. We always keep an eye on our ROAS when working on advertising campaigns - and FWM was no different. We helped them increase their ROAS by +300% within just one year. Curious to see how we did that?  

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Find out how much you can gain by investing in CRO.
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