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What's killing your profit potential?

After working together with 200+ companies, helping them to achieve their goals; we've consistently seen the same obstacles killing business profit potential. Is your company being crippled by these common hurdles?

  • Inadequate Knowledge In Your Team

​You have a team who work hard and trust you, but you're painfully aware they lack all of the expertise vital for success. The knowledge gap is ever-widening. Your industry is changing – and fast. You know you're falling behind, but as hard as you try; you just can't train them fast enough to keep up with your competition.

  • You Lack The Resources To Execute Growth Experiments

Insufficient resources to execute campaigns and growth experiments compound the situation. You know what you want, but you simply don't have enough hands to execute. This leads to vital work being delivered late, or at a sub-optimal level; escalating the risk of losing customers or clients. 

  • Your Unstructured Approach is Holding You Back

You try your best to have a structured and systematic approach to delivering your product or service. But you know more structure is required. But old habits die hard, and you find each of your team executing tasks differently. You have no processes and no discipline. Your systems are failing; your profit is dwindling.

  • You Have Data, But Actionable Insights Escape You

You know the right approach is to be entirely data-driven. You have the data, but translating it into actionable insights is proving a losing battle. You try your best to act based on data, but in reality, you're just guessing; hoping your next campaign is a success; crossing your fingers; hoping for the best. 

  • You're Leaving Money On The Table

This means your business is constantly chasing its tail; battling with egos, opinions, and guesswork. You have the knowledge, but it's not enough. You have resources, but not enough. Your unstructured approach and lack of data insights mean you're leaving money on the table every single day. You will never truly understand your customers, and eventually... they will choose your competitor. 

Your ideas are immense, but that's not enough...
Execution Is Everything.
Let us put purpose and direction around your marketing efforts.

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The growth hacking process

After helping you identify your orgainzation's One Metric That Matters (OMTM), our growth hacking agency will work closely with you to understand your unique barriers to growth.

Then, through a process of continual ideation, prioritization, testing and analysis, we will quickly begin to identify data-driven growth hacking techniques that produce real results.

How we work

We use a highly systematised, data-driven process to make the greatest impact on your business in the shortest time frame. We identify weak points; holding you back, then create and execute a growth action plan. 

Knowledge Transfer To Your Team

We believe you will grow faster if we work alongside your team; imparting our knowledge throughout your organisation. Your team will learn fast; and the knowledge gaps will close. 

Experienced and Professional Team To Execute

We offer an experienced and professional team versed in multiple disciplines. This allows us to carry out many different tasks in a variety of marketing domains simultaneously. We live in execution mode. 

Our Growth Hacking Process

Growing a business is only possible if there is a structured and systematic growth process in place. First, a goal must be defined - your One Metric That Matters - after which, a continual process of analysing data, then generating, prioritising, and testing ideas on how to reach that goal. A roadmap is created outlining how, and in what timeframe these goals can be achieved. 

Customer Journey Analysis

While traditional digital marketing only focuses on awareness and acquisition; our growth hacking agency focus on your entire customer journey.  

  • Acquisition: How and where do you find customers?
  • Activation: How do they engage with your product? 
  • Retention: Is your product experience good enough so customers return?
  • Referral: Do your customers tell others about you and how?
  • Revenue: How do you maximise customer revenue over their entire lifetime?
Your First 100 Growth Hacks

Based on your unique situation, we analyse your data - both quantitative and qualitative – and identify and deliver 100 tailored growth hacks to quickly accelerate your growth. These hacks are added to your growth backlog, and executed based in order of impact. This backlog serves as a reserve of continuous growth ideas to be tested and is constantly replenished as new ideas emerge.

Hypothesis Testing and Experimentation 

Based on lean methodology, we define hypotheses; then create experiments to validate, or invalidate your growth hacking backlog of ideas with maximum speed and efficiency.This preserves your precious time and resources, and uncovers learnings allowing us to reach your goal faster. 

Scrum Methodology

We execute these growth hacks based on Scrum Methodology; widely employed in software development. This allows us to advance in small increments – but fast. New developments can then be tested to satisfy specific user needs. 

Data-Informed Learnings

We precisely track and manage progress in our project management system - Atlassian. Here every task in every sprint can be viewed and  learnings documented – both quantitative and qualitative – which means we can make data-informed decisions on how to best proceed. Data is our only boss. 

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What do we offer?

Our consultancy team is highly skilled in a variety of disciplines. This means we can help you in a diverse range of digital domains such as:

Measurement Systems


Precisely measuring the behaviour of the users on your website, app, digital and offline allows us to dig into your data to gain valuable customer insights. A 41 point checklist audit of your analytics will improve the accuracy of your measurement capabilities and uncover where you are losing most potential customers.

Tag Management

Using the tag management solution we can add third-party scripts such as further measurement tools or plugins to your website; saving your precious development hours and resources.

Custom Event Tracking 

Creating intelligent measurement plans, and implementing tag management event tracking; we can customise measurement; allowing us to gain specific data insights.

Heat Maps & User Recordings

Using heat maps and user recordings, we analyse visitor behaviour on your website; gaining vital insights to improve your website's user experience and conversion rate. 

User Research

Product/Market Fit Analysis 

Using surveying techniques we can analyse the degree to which your products or service satisfies a strong market demand. So, are you giving the people what they want? This is a crucial metric to know to be able to scale your business. 

Customer Research

Using surveying, forum mining, social media mining, customer reviewing mining and other data mining techniques; we create customer desire maps. That are the maps you want. This gives us crucial insight into the underlying emotions and desires that drive behaviour. This is used to create copy that resonates with your ideal client to improve your website, advertising, and ultimately revenue.

User Testing

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. By applying customer-centric testing principles we can uncover the problems and confusion experienced by real users as they complete specific tasks within your product or website while being observed by our experts.

Graphical User Interface Testing

We can implement graphical user testing to identify if technical website improvements are required; as well as eradicate bugs hindering the intended functionality and usability of your website. 

Digital Advertising

We can cater for all your digital advertising needs, across an array of platforms including, but not limited to;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google Adwords (Search, Display, Shopping, Universal app) 
  • Bing 

We provide development and continues optimisation of advertising strategy, configuring measurement systems, a campaign set up, creative design and creation, as well as monitoring of costs versus conversions. 

Marketing Automation

We can implement marketing automation systems by combining various software with custom javascript variables; customised for your specific needs to streamline, automate, and measure specific marketing tasks and workflows; saving you precious time and resources. 


Search Engine Optimisation 

We provide development and optimisation of SEO strategy including, but not limited to:

  • SEO audit
  • Technical website analysis
  • Link building
  • Content to keyword mapping
  • Content optimisation

This will ensure that you will have the highest visibility and ranking possible on online search engines. 

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Using an industry-leading conversion optimisation framework, we can analyse your website from a technical aspect: cross-browser testing, cross-device testing, speed analysis; as well as a more holistic approach: heuristic analysis to identify points of friction stopping your visitors from taking action. 

Employing psychological principles, we can design, configure and implement A/B tests to increase the percentage of visitors that convert to leads, customers, or take the desired action. 



We provide development and implementation of your content strategy including content planning, creative design and creation, posting and distribution, as well as analysis and reporting. This can be executed across multiple social platforms in a variety of formats such as video, blog, photo, written, and audio.

Email Marketing

We provide configuration and implementation of email systems including design and template creation, as well as campaign concept, strategy, and data analysis. 


Words are more than random strings of letters; stitched together by digital ink on your screen. Words are cues; triggers for action. They can instantly transform a "no" into a " maybe"; a "maybe" to a "yes". We provide copy that evokes desire, promotes curiosity and above all else... makes people part with their money. 

Lead Generation

Landing pages

Based on high-conversion principles, we create specific landing pages, pop-ups and implement lead generation techniques to get you the highest page visitor to lead conversion ratio.


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Not just B2C

Many believe growth hacking is a practice only relevant in a B2C context. However, a closer look reveals the nuance surrounding B2B growth hacking.

B2B Growth Hacking

B2B growth hacking involves more stakeholders and decision structures, so a more in-depth understanding of specific needs is required. This means a multifaceted approach, but also keeping the subtlety of person-to-person interaction. 

We can help to craft your offerings so all stakeholders and decision-makers clearly understand the value of your offering, and can guide you toward creating money-making features that clearly show ROI. 

Often in a B2B context, many decisions are made without the true needs of end user in mind. By measuring user insights, and user interaction, we create a data feedback loop informing the best course of action to take to engage convert, and retain users. 

Our data-driven and customer-centric approach levels all arguments, egos, and opinions in the boardroom. 


What can you expect from us? 

We understand clear communication and regular progress updates are crucial to your business. We know this is necessary to get a bird's-eye view all of aspects of your company. That's why we provide:

Clear Communication

You will have one single point of contact - Your Head of Growth - who will be loyally by your side; keeping you informed of every aspect of the project. They will be your contact for your bi-weekly sprint meetings.

Regular Reporting

Every Friday, you will receive a report documenting the work carried out, as well as the learnings, and recommendations on how to next best proceed. During the engagement, our project management system allows you to see the exact status of each agreed task in the sprint.

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Your monthly budget determines the scope of the projects. Our packages start at €4.000 per month (excluding VAT) with a minimum commitment of six months.

This investment supplies you with a minimum of 32 hours per month with our multidisciplinary team of experts to systematically address your growth challenges.

But this investment also gives you more insight into your customers. It allows you to grow faster than your competitors and simply be more productive as a business. Just think about that for a second.

Get in touch today for a free 30 minute consult with our Lead Growth Hacker, Chris Out, to check if there is a fit between our knowledge and our expertise, and your needs and ambition. 

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About us

Founded in 2014, RockBoost were the first growth hacking agency in the Netherlands, and have since successfully implemented our growth hacking process in 200+ companies. 

Located in a 1.400 m2 space at UNESCO heritage site, Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam, we have grown from a team of 3 to a multidisciplinary international team of almost 20, and we are rapidly expanding. 

As part of the DC Group, we share skills, knowledge, and resources with our multi-award-winning – FONK50 2017 No.2 and FD Gazelle 2017 – older sister, Dot Control data-driven creative agency. 

This allows us truly leverage the power of cross-functional teams with a host of creatives, developers, and growth hackers at our disposal. Together, we work to deliver the digital ambitions of our clients; ensuring everything is based on cold hard data along the way. 



We are proud te be an official European partner of

Sean Ellis, the expert who coined the term growth hacking, called RockBoost:

"One of the top Growth Hacking Agencies in Europe" 



Public speaking 

We're travelling all around the world to share our growth hacking learnings and experience. We're being regularly invited to speak at top international growth hacking and CRO related conferences. Have we met during one of these events?:

  • CXL Live, San Antonio, USA
  • Growth Marketing Summit, Cologne
  • Emerce Conversion, Amsterdam
  • Emerce E-Commerce Live, Amsterdam
  • Emerce Digital Marketing Live, Amsterdam
  • Conversion and Marketing Summit, Oslo
  • Conversion Day, Brussel
  • Conversion Jam, Stockholm
  • Digital Elite Camp, Tallinn
  • Emerce Retail, Amsterdam
  • Emerce Home & Deco, Amsterdam
  • Podim Startup Conference, Zagreb
  • Zagreb Innovation Center, Zagreb


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