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We know there's no one-size-fits-all perfect solution. That's why we offer the only growth hacking training highly adjusted to your needs.

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Why do you need a Growth Hacking course?

  • Because sh*t is not being done and every single project takes ages
  • Because you and your team are terrified by how fast marketing and businesses are changing
  • Because your team is all over the place and they can’t seem to find the focus on the crucial things that result in exponential growth
  • Because every department is locked up in their own silos and they don’t speak the same language
  • Because your team lacks skills and you don’t even know what skill sets are needed
  • Because nobody on your team really understands data and everyone is freaked out by all those numbers
  • Because you are overwhelmed by repetitive manual tasks that waste your precious time




Discover our packages below

Skill booster

From €1250 per day

Train your growth team

If you already work in or manage a growth hacking team and you are looking to expanding or improving skills you should go for this option.

  • Be trained by experienced growth hackers
  • Develop new skill sets (your T-shape)
  • Stay up to date with the latest marketing techniques and tools that really work
  • Learn in your own environment


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Total transformation

Contact us to request an individual quotation.

6-months transformation program

If you’re planning a company-wide transformation.

  • Get trained by the founders of RockBoost and DotControl, as well as by experienced growth hackers
  • 30% strategy & innovation session, 70% interactive practice-packed training
  • Align the whole organisation with the growth mindset
  • Build an actionable roadmap to success
  • Get hands-on training for your team to develop new skill sets
  • Learn in your own environment


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Strategy Booster

From €5000 per day

Build your roadmap to success

If you’re struggling with finding the right direction for your organisation or team this option is for you.

  • Get trained by the CEO and founder of the first Dutch growth hacking agency, Chris Out
  • Learn how to implement our proven methodology “7 Pillars Of Growth Hacking” successfully executed in 200+ companies
  • Get strategic consultations
  • Stakeholder management
  • Learn in your own environment


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What makes our program different?

There are two things that make our growth hacking courses stand out:

They are tailor-made

They are tailor-made

Because we know you can only benefit from a course if you are able to apply newly-gained knowledge directly in your work. We only find solutions applicable to your business specifically.

They are highly actionable

They are highly actionable

You will know exactly what to do. Our courses are interactive and practice-packed to make sure you can take action and drive jaw-dropping results right after finishing your training.


After our Growth Hacking course you will:

  • Have a clear roadmap to success  
  • Have a backlog full of ready-to-implement ideas + instructions on how to prioritise, implement and test them
  • Be able to align all the levels of the organization with your brand new growth strategy
  • Implement a new way of working that is structured and process-based
  • Know how to leverage data to inform all your decisions
  • Be ready to implement the culture of rapid experimentation right away (even in a big organization!)
  • Have a "magic toolbox" with a wide range of carefully selected online tools to help you do things better and faster
  • Learn how to use our proven frameworks so you don’t have to start from scratch


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What is a Growth Hacker?

Growth hackers combine the worlds of creative marketing, data science and computer programming. They use data and rapid experimentation to systematically optimize every stage of a company's sales funnel.




What are other people saying?

RockBoost has created the curriculum for Emerce Opleidingen and is a partner of Beeckestijn Business School. We have trained people from dozens of companies ranging from small startups to major corporations.


Our education program is rated with an 8.4 on average.

"Such an actionable approach made learning the 7 pillars of growth hacking so much more effective than the traditional seminars and talks I usually go to. I walked in hoping to learn a few tricks. I walked out with a clear system for hacking my growth I could start implementing the same day. Most importantly, I learned that the first thing I needed to hack was my mindset and the way I look at things. I took a gamble on you guys and it’s paying off really well already."
Daniele P., Growth Design
"If you want to grow your business and 'think outside the box' then this workshop is definitely of benefit! Realizing that growth hacking is based on a systematic process was my biggest insight of the day. You will understand the importance of growth hacking on how to gain more customers and gain financially."
 Catherine D., Irish Tech News


"The RockBoost workshop gave me some real actionable insights I was eager to implement the very next day. Even though I have read just about every book on marketing, sales, lean and growth hacking, I still got a ton of value and golden nuggets. Ben and Chris have great passion and it comes across bucket loads. Highly recommended!"
Paul M., Taskblast


"Amazing formula on how to structure and grow your business. Good material, amazing speaker and organized. Super recommended!"
Tana S., International Career Coach


"Understanding the step by step process - removed the buzzword from the term growth hacking. A good practical insight into the best practices for growth hacking your business. I am now intrigued by the psychology behind it"
Bronagh Mc., Dynamic Res


"It's a game changer for growth orientated companies. Excellent insights, real passion for the subject, a great overall learning experience."
Eoin C., Scale Labs


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