The Ultimate Event Attendance Growth Hack

The RockBoost Team visited the Digital Elitecamp 2015 Conference a few weeks ago in beautiful Tallinn, Estonia. In this blog post we'll share the secrets we learned on how to growth hack your next event attendance.

At RockBoost we believe in building systems and in practicing what we preach. Not only are we going to share what we learned, but we are also going to demonstrate how we put these new lessons into practice by creating "The Ultimate Event Attendance Growth Hack". This Growth Hack consists of an eBook and an automated Excel worksheet that allows you to get the highest ROI out of your event attendance with the minimum amount of effort. And the best thing is that we made it all available for free!

By using this Growth Hack at #elitecamp2015 we managed to:

  • Add value for other event attendees pre-event (making it easier for us to network on the actual event)
  • Share our key lessons in realtime with our existing social media followers (often even before the talk was finished)
  • Get likes, shares, favorites and retweets from the keynote speakers, extending our social reach
  • Create valuable connections with attendees and keynote speakers, both online and offline.
  • Generate and publish the key learnings blog post minutes after the event
  • Automatically schedule separate learnings posts on all our social media channels (extending and maximising our reach)

Are you ready to maximise your own event attendance ROI and look really smart on social media with only minimal preparation time?

Get the "The Ultimate Event Attendance Growth Hack" for free now!

For the CRO enthusiast we have a nice little challenge... Can you spot all the #elitecamp2015 lessons we incorporated? Let us know the CRO lessons you spotted or ones that we missed!