Most Important Insights of the ConversionSUMMIT per speaker in max 140 characters

We were invited to attend the Conversion Summit in Frankfurt by André Morys on the 3rd of September. This event hosted some great speakers which delivered new fresh perspectives on conversion rate optimization. I have highlighted the key insights from these speakers.

"You need a scalable system for optimization" Welcome - André Morys (Web Arts)

"Pro's start with a process, amateurs start with tactics" - Opening Keynote: This I Believe - Peep Laja (ConversionXL)

"Getting to a conversion is like dating, don't ask to marry on the first date" Six Growth Levers That Nobody Is Talking About - Neil Patel (Kissmetrics)

"You can address 4 buying modalities in 4 sentences, just do it!" Optimizing Persuasion with Buying Modalities - Angie Schott Muller (Author & Speaker)

"Test if your customer buying motives and your brand values are aligned" Emotional Mapping in Fashion Ecommerce - Gabriel Beck (Web Arts)

"Green checkmarks don't always work, stop following common practices" The Truth is Out There - Karl Gillis (AGConsult)

"Testing culture, it's resourcefulness that makes all the difference" How to Create a Culture of Testing - Martijn Scheijbeler (The Next Web)

"WYSIATI - what you see is all there is, keep that in mind" Your Test is Only as Good as your Hypothesis - Michael Aagard (Contentverve)

"Target your tests based on a testscore, big data as input for UX" Big Data meets UX - Mirko Melcher (Web Arts)

"Change your questions, change your conversion rates" With Storytelling to More Sales - Kai Radanitsch (eBusinessLab)

"Change your page based on cookies and previous visits and increase your conversions" How to Tackle Negative Conversion - Karl Kratz (Online-Marketing)

"Attention driven design makes your landing page a winner!" The Landing Page Manifesto - Oli Gardner (Unbounce)

"QR codes rock for extremely bad marketers, just delight your customers" Closing Keynote: Unmarketing - Scott Stratten (Unmarketing)

The event was a real eyeopener in some ways. Especially the talk by Scott was highly entertaining and he nicely bashed the extremely bad marketers that live in this world. If you want to see more from Scott, have a look at this video.