How To Start A Career In Growth Hacking

Meet Koen: our conversion hero and the latest addition to the team. Learn how he became one of us! 

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If you are familiar with the Daily Growth Hacking Tips, chances are you have already helped your business grow. But which geniuses generate these daily tips for you? 

That would be our top-notch team of Growth Hackers. We want you to meet the people behind the hacks, see how their life looked like BRb [Before RockBoost] and what made them decide to join the top Growth Hacking Company of the Netherlands. 

We’re starting with our latest addition. Meet Koen: conversion optimization expert and undefeated champion in table tennis! 

Koen, you started your RockBoost journey a little over a month ago. How do you like it so far? 

So far, so good! I was excited to start a new adventure, and it surely has been one so far.

You worked at a corporate before. What made you decide to switch to RockBoost?

I felt that it was time for a new adventure. I have worked as a Conversion and Landing Page Specialist before, and I have learned an awful lot over the past year and a half. When you start in a new position, you learn a lot about the company, the different aspects of the job, how to execute the job to your best abilities. It was my first post-grad job, so an entirely new adventure in itself. 

After a year, I had gained a lot of new experience and grew a lot as a professional. But growth usually comes in a curve, and I started critically asking myself: where do I want to go? I started to notice that the nature of the job was so focused, it was difficult to effect change and my growth curve started to flatten. The goal of the job was to steer towards top-level metrics, through pre-determined processes and tools, which meant there was no room for experimentation from my side, or insights to gain on how we achieved the goals. I missed room for development, to explore and expand my abilities beyond the single job. 

It wasn’t a decision taken lightly, though. Besides the satisfaction I got from the job and the fact that I was still learning a lot, the company culture was also very good. The team I worked in was very close -- we achieved a lot together, often blew off steam together at the ping pong table, and a great working environment can make any job so much more bearable.

But still, there was something missing. So I started weighing my options: what do I need, what do I want, and when am I ready to make concessions? When you leave a job, there is always something that you lose. But what is more important -- learning or fun?  I came to the conclusion that I needed an environment that would offer me more freedom in choosing what to work on and encourage my personal development. 

So when I started looking around for vacancies, I looked up RockBoost. Chris [Managing Director & Founding Partner of RockBoost, red.] had given a lecture at the university about Growth Hacking before, and I wanted to see if this was a better fit. And so, here I am. 

Is RockBoost the perfect fit you looked for? 

Yes, it is. 


Well, during the search I quickly realized that the best place for me to work at next would be an agency. As a Growth Hacker, I expected to be like a spider in the web; continuously working for different clients, developing my broad knowledge as well as my deep knowledge.

And that is definitely the case. Every client is unique, so every client needs a tailored analysis of the problem, a different way to find a solution to the problem and as you work with an interdisciplinary team here and a variety of people on the client-side, you learn a lot on that area too. 

Here at RockBoost, I am actually forced to put in effort in my personal development too. Every Tuesday morning, the entire team has scheduled ‘Learning Time’, during which courses can be followed, books can be read or podcasts can be listened to. At the end of the session, we update each other on what we have learned so far, so we share knowledge and grow as a team. That was a definitive factor for me, that RockBoost would be the best place for me to grow at.

Surely, it can’t all be rainbows and sunshine. Were there things that you would have liked to know before you started at RockBoost, but didn’t? 

Of course, all companies or positions within the company have elements that can come as a surprise. During the application process, I focused mostly on what the job entails, how the processes in terms of projects and teamwork go and what the company culture is like.

For a transition from one job to another, or even from one company to another, there are a few things that I deemed essential to take into consideration: what would my typical day look like, and how is my time divided in the week? How many hours would I spend on strategic thinking, and how many on actually implementing strategies? 

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In my situation, I went from a corporate to an agency, which is like going from Apple to Android -- the output is the same, but there are new functionalities that you have to get used to. For instance, as I work with clients now and my work needs to be billable, I need to track my hours. As I had never worked like that before, it took longer for me to get used to that new way of working.

Also, when you are looking into different companies, especially ones of which you have no knowledge on their way of working, you would like to see what it is they actually do. I could find an overview of clients that RockBoost has worked with before, but there were no case studies indicating what they have achieved together. A case study would have been great to also get a look into how projects are tackled, who works on those projects and would validate the objective of RockBoost.

Now that you have started on your new adventure: what are your next steps? 

I am working full-time on finding the best growth hacks for my clients, formulating and implementing new retention strategies with the project teams and determining where to go next. For my development, I am going to absorb as much knowledge on and from the job as possible. Right now, my T-shape shows a deep knowledge of CRO, SEO, measurement and customer journeys, which are also the fields in which I work mostly today. My broad knowledge has lots of room for improvement, so I am also going to focus on extending my knowledge on following courses on Growth Marketing and Google Tag Manager at the CXL Institute, and I have a list of books I want to read.  Koen's T-Shape at the beginning of his RockBoost journey

Closing off this first ‘Meeting The Team’, is there something you would like to say to the reader?

Judging from my own experience, if you are looking for something new, ask yourself: where do I want to go and how do I get there first? Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone if it means you get to develop yourself to the best version of yourself. 


Next up...

Meeting Koen has been the first glimpse of what RockBoost is made of. Our next sneak peek will be published on December 13th, and you will get to know the Rock in RockBoost: Daphne.

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