ConversionXL Live 2016 - Key Learnings in max 140 characters per speaker/talk

After visiting Digital Elite Camp in Estonia last year, we were sure we had to attend Peep Laja’s other CRO event: ConversionXL Live in Austin, Texas. So the RockBoost team set out on yet another already memorable trip to the land of opportunity and the state where everything is bigger (even the CRO conferences ?) This blog post will summarize the ConversionXL Live 2016 #GrowthHack Key Learnings.

Because of the 7 hour time difference, we decided to fly in a few days early. This gave us the opportunity to explore beautiful Austin, the Conversion Capital of the World. We had to try the food trucks and the (in)famous Texan Barbecue. Tuesday night meant pre-conference-party where we could get acquainted with each other in a comfortable setting. The next morning, we were picked up by the taco A/B test busses that transported us to the event location, about a 1-hour drive from Austin. 20+ CRO top speakers as well as 450+ CRO enthusiasts from 25+ different countries were locked up in 5 star luxury Horseshoe Bay Resort for 3 days. CRO by day, Karaoke by night.

As “YA’LL” hopefully are used to from us by now, we’ll share the ConversionXL Live 2016 key insights per speaker in tweet sized portions below.

"Knowledge and experience are needed to optimize the optimization" - Peep Laja (ConversionXL)

"Dual process theory helps to understand human behaviour that underlies our experiments' outcomes." - Bart Schutz (

"Habit-forming can be used for good. The hook: trigger, action, reward & investment" - Nir Eyal (Best-selling author and cosultant)

"Focus on the unconscious brain using the persuasion slide: gravity, nudge, motivation, friction" - Roger Dooley (Dooley Direct)

"Cro chemistry: dopamine = reward anticipation; cortisol = stress threat avoidance; oxytocin  = social, interaction, trust; serotonin = status, superiority" - Brian Cugelman (AlterSpark)

"Emotional framework: emotional competitor analysis, emotional SWOT, emotional content strategy, testing." - Talia Wolf (Conversioner)

"6S Social proof formats: sum it, score it, say it, sign it, show it, shine it. CRAVENS factors of social proof" - Angie Schottmuller (Interactive Artisan)

"Copywriting website teardown!!!" - Joanna Wiebe, Jen Havice & Joel Klettke present (Copy Hackers & Airstory)

"Don't look at individual tests, but monitor complete testing program using metrics: testing capacity, velocity, and coverage." Claire Vo (Experiment Engine)

ROAR framework: Risk at first, Optimization later, eventually Automation, and finally Rethink" - Ton Wesseling (

"#1 misinterpreting, #2 expecting break-throughs, #3 sample-ratio-mismatch, #4 wrong success metric, #5 treatment-% varies with time, #6 get the stats right" - Ronny Kohavi (Microsoft)

"Hotwire points model: use value (reach, lift, strategic fit) & effort (creativity, development, coordination) to prioritze tests" - Pauline Marol (Hotwire)

"Moderated user testing is critical for gaining insights. Ideal customers are more valuable than protestors." - Alex Harris (Perficient)

"Innovative testing combines A/B testing, user testing and radical innovation. Use innovative testing when basics are off, limited testing potential and/or traffic is low." - Marie Polli (ConversionXL)

"Common practices can be useful, so stop the hate." - Justin Rondeau (Digital Marketer)

"Urgency does not equal persuasion. If you have a bad offer, it doesn’t matter how much urgency you add." - Viljo Vabrit (ConversionXL)

"Convey value in your copy using researching, realising and retelling." - Jen Havice (Make Mention Media)

"No great company was ever built on a listicle." - Morgan Brown (Inman News)

"Mobile optimization best practices don't exist. ARSS: Avoid Really Stupid Shit - like click and scroll jails and #TMI" - Joel Harvey (Conversion Sciences)

"Acquire, activate, monetize, retain, up-sell, refer. Deliver #AHA moments #ASAP" - Stephen Pavlovich (

"Optimization wheel: data, hypothesis, experiments. Spokes: behaviour analysis, planning & prioritization, research & analytics." - John Ekman (Conversionista)"

"Easter eggs sell at easter" & too many other testing learnings for 1 tweet - The Hardest Testing Questions (

"Google moved from algorithm to machine learning. Optimize content for engagement to prevent users hitting the back button." - Rand Fishkin (Moz)

"Common analytics mistakes: mistagged medium parameter, not tagging email, no cross-domain tracking, no filtering" - Annie Cushing (Annielytics)

"Great personalization examples by phase: acquisition, engagement & conversion, up-sell & cross-sell, long-term relationship" - Karl Wirth (Evergage)

"If you have poor retention, nothing else matters. Churn is the silent killer. Increase retention by shifting your retention charts up" - Brian Balfour (Hubspot)

"Avoid data black hole: journey to enlightenment. 3 pillars: #1 be your audience, #2 use your tools wisely, #3 maximize data absorption." - Lea Pica (Presentation & Visualization Consultant)

After the last session on Friday, we had to run to the busses that would transport us back to Austin, grabbing a sandwich along the way. As soon as the busses arrived at the drop-off point near Capitol Hill, Uber experienced a sudden price surge. Well, that’s what happens when 450 CRO enthusiasts need a ride to their hotel… Later that night there was the conference afterparty in one of the amazing Austin rooftop bars. On Saturday there were CRO kayaking and bike programs and later that afternoon farewell drinks on a rainy street.

Time to go home, say goodbye to our CRO friends and let all the knowledge and learnings sink in. As we’re used from Peep, ConversionXL Live 2016 exceeded our expectations by far! Maybe even better than the super strong conference program packed with actionable learnings, was the opportunity to hang out with like-minded CRO enthusiasts and share knowledge, experiences and stories. We were already in love with CRO, but we now also fell in love with Austin. The city’s atmosphere has a striking resemblance with the super relaxed atmosphere of the ConversionXL Live event. So Peep… until we meet again! (at Digital Elite Camp in July!)

Rutger Buijzen
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